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  • Science Booster Classes Timetable - 2017

    Published 13/11/17
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    Published 03/10/17
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  • Parents’ Information Evening Thursday 28th September 2017 4pm-8pm - Important Information

    Published 19/09/17

    Re: Parents Information Evening Thursday 28th September 2017 4pm-8pm

    You are invited to attend a Year 11 Information and Parents Evening on Thursday 28th September at the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy. As your son/daughter prepares for their GCSE’s in May 2018, we feel it would be beneficial to highlight many of the planned events in the coming months to enhance your son/daughter’s chances of achieving their potential. The evening will be split into two sections;

    1. Information Presentation 4pm-5pm

    This presentation will be 45 minutes long and will explain the structure for the year, intervention strategies, exam preparation and achievement opportunities. It will also look ahead to KS5, apprenticeships, university and career paths. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have either to myself or any other staff member, including the Senior Leadership Team, who will be available on the night.

    1. Parents Evening 5pm-8pm

    All subject teachers and form tutors will be available to discuss student progress and attainment, specific subject intervention and support, and any other questions you may have.


    Yours faithfully

    Mr R Langford - Head of Year 11

    Head of Year 11

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  • GNSA celebrates another year of excellent results. 

    Published 23/08/17



    Positive Progress 8 Score - This means that on average our students achieved higher than the national expected progress

    5+ A*-C 85%

    5+ A*-C including English and Maths 80%

    4-9 English passes – 89%

    4-9 Maths Passes – 87%

    75 A* grades in Religious Studies


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  • A/ AS Level Results Day

    Published 14/08/17

    A and AS level results will be issued on Thursday 17th August 2017 . This will take place from 7:30 am in Muti Purpose Hall. Please check Sixth Form Google Classroom for more advice and information.

    Please be aware that if you want someone to pick up results on your behalf they will need to bring photo ID and written permission from you. 

    Any results not collected with be posted home.

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  • Reminder that our wonderful Strike A Pose fashoin show extravaganza is tonight in the MPR from 5 o’clock onwards. 27th June

    Published 27/06/17

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  • Writing competition for FA Women's Cup

    Published 13/06/17

    The English Department entered a writing competition from the National Literacy Trust in connection with the SSE FA Women's Cup.  While our entries did not see us win the ultimate prize of taking an entire class to Wembley for the final we did win an entry prize.  

    Pictured are the students who were chosen to represent their class groups.  Each is pictured with a Nike football that their efforts won.

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  • English trip to see Wicked

    Published 25/04/17

    On Wednesday 8th March, students from Year Seven to Year Nine were selected to go on a trip to see Wicked, at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London.

    This trip came to them as a reward for all of their effort and hard work that they put into English.

    The day started at eleven o’clock when Mr Venn, Miss O’leary, Mrs Heer and Mr Perryman led their groups of students down to the bus stop. From there they had to take one bus and one train to get to the theatre.

    The moderate levels of excitement began to slowly rise as the time of the play drew nearer and nearer. As soon as everyone found a seat and the music had begun, the theatre became silent as people fixated their eyes on the stage. The play included comedy, amazing effects, music as well as many unexpected moments which made the experience magical.

    The end of the play brought smiles and frequent compliments as people started to empty out of the hall, feeling elated with the feel-good vibe.

    Here is one student’s opinion:

    “Watching a movie in the cinema is completely different than watching a story evolve and unfold right in front of your eyes on a stage. I enjoyed every minute of it and I am grateful that I was chosen to watch Wicked. It gave us a whole new perspective on the wicked witches of Oz that we would have never thought about before. This has definitely made me want to visit more theatres and see more plays.”

    It is clear that this reward has left a positive impact on the students and that they enjoyed the trip. In addition to this, it has also increased their interest for stage plays and scripts and this is of vital importance as it is required for students to analyse plays for their GCSEs in English.


    By Jaskirit Gill 9HN

    Photos taken by Kirandeep Singh 9HN 




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  • Renown Poet meets Year 9 Students!

    Published 25/04/17

    On Wednesday 22nd February, Daljit Nagra, an internationally recognised poet, visited the Year 9s to immerse them in the world of his poetry and answer the burning questions students had after studying his striking poems.

    Daljit Nagra was first introduced to poetry at the age of 19. This stimulated Daljit to study poetry for his A Levels and develop his English Literature at evening classes. Encouraged by his enthusiasm for poetry, he decided to move to London to study a BA and MA in English at the Royal Holloway. During his time there, Daljit revealed one of his poems to a lecturer who was particularly positive. However, due to a lack of confidence, he didn’t continue his ambitions for poetry until he was 30 years of age.

    His parents are immigrants (Sikh Punjabis) who came from India to Britain in the late 1950s. They worked in a factory until they decided to buy their own shop. These events inspired Daljit to write the poem named 'Singh Song' which the Year 9s have been studying in English.

    Singh Song is a first person love poem about a young man and his newly married bride. He manages one of his father's shops but keeps sneaking upstairs to see his wife. In this poem, Daljit Nagra paints a colourful picture of their love and lives, challenging and celebrating stereotypical ideas about Punjabi culture.

    When Daljit Nagra presented his poetry and achievements, the Year 9s were extremely eager to learn about what inspired him to write about such topics. Daljit Nagra also explained different poetic techniques and how they can really augment a poem and further develop it. Moreover, the Year 9s enjoyed asking about Daljit's experience in becoming a poet and how he gained the confidence to present his poetry to the world.

    In addition to this, selective students were allowed to attend a workshop with Daljit Nagra and improve their understanding of the poetry. This extremely motivated Year 9 students to become creative and explore their imagination. This workshop encouraged them to develop their own poetic style and embrace their own personal voice. It was a great privilege to meet Nagra and because of his exciting visit, we feel like we are ready to delve into GCSE poetry! 

    By Nanikha Panesar and Ravneet Ghatora 9KL


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  • Year 11 embark on an exciting trip to watch ‘An Inspector Calls’ at the theatre!

    Published 25/04/17

    On Friday the 17th of March, the Year 11s attended a trip to the Playhouse Theatre in Central London to see the play "An Inspector Calls" - a play that brings justice to an innocent and desperate young woman.  For their GCSE literature exam, the Year 11s have focused on this play and this was a priceless opportunity to watch the play live as an audience.  

    As the curtains lifted, we were greeted with not the set we expected from the play, but a small version of the Birlings’ wealthy home which stood out against the dark and dull streets of London. As the play progressed, the house opened up to symbolise how the upper class couldn’t exclude the lower classes forever.

    The protagonist of the play (the inspector) comes to teach the Birling family about how they should care for the lower classes. However, they refuse to change. As the Inspector left, the set of the house collapsed and the lights blew up, giving off sparks. This action represented the fall of the Birling family and the collapse of the class boundaries.

    Overall the journey to and from the theatre was quite eventful. We got on a coach, with two forms occupying each of the three coaches. The sheer amount of teenage gossip echoing in the confines of the coach was impressive. Although the journey to the theatre was mediocre, the journey back was quite something. The coach we were occupying unfortunately broke down in between two lanes in Trafalgar Square and we were effectively stranded in Central London. We were told that a replacement coach would arrive in an hour and panic ignited in the coach. However, despite our alarm and a tiring wait, a replacement a coach finally arrived.

    Regardless of the journey back, the play also was worth seeing as we were able to witness how the director chose to adapt his version of the play. Furthermore, the play also gave us an understanding of the way an upper class family was like and the class

    struggles which dominate the play.


    Written by Thiviya Kusalakumar and Anna Raheja 11PM

    Photos taken by Amreece Sekhon 11PM

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  • Women Independence Day Trip

    Published 17/03/17

    On Wednesday 8th March, three students were fortunate enough to be chosen to go on a trip to the Home Office Headquarters, where we each were given the opportunity to present a speech to Civil Servants and well known members of other communities and cultures We presented about an iconic Sikh woman of our choice, who we found to be inspirational.

    When we arrived, we went through security and were led into the conference room where we were introduced to many influential women who spoke about other women from their religion and culture from the past and present.  We had this amazing opportunity to meet the first female Rabbi as well as the first Indian Woman who has a PhD in noise pollution.

    This visit to the Home Office in Central London was quite beneficial as we learnt a lot about different inspirational women and how they helped the word ‘Woman’ sound as great as it sounds now. We also learnt what the term ‘be bold for change’ means…which was this year’s theme.  Throughout the day we met many inspirational people that told us we could do anything if we worked hard and put our mind to it.

    This year Women Independence Day really stood out to me and we would like the thank the Civil Servants who chose our school to participate on this auspicious day and listened intently while we gave our speeches on Princess Sophia, Mai Bhago and Mata Gujri Ji. Also thanks to those speakers from various faiths who spoke about women they found to be inspirational. Finally, a huge thanks to Mrs Grewal who organised and accompanied us on this trip.

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