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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

Women Independence Day Trip

On Wednesday 8th March, three students were fortunate enough to be chosen to go on a trip to the Home Office Headquarters, where we each were given the opportunity to present a speech to Civil Servants and well known members of other communities and cultures We presented about an iconic Sikh woman of our choice, who we found to be inspirational.

When we arrived, we went through security and were led into the conference room where we were introduced to many influential women who spoke about other women from their religion and culture from the past and present.  We had this amazing opportunity to meet the first female Rabbi as well as the first Indian Woman who has a PhD in noise pollution.

This visit to the Home Office in Central London was quite beneficial as we learnt a lot about different inspirational women and how they helped the word ‘Woman’ sound as great as it sounds now. We also learnt what the term ‘be bold for change’ means…which was this year’s theme.  Throughout the day we met many inspirational people that told us we could do anything if we worked hard and put our mind to it.

This year Women Independence Day really stood out to me and we would like the thank the Civil Servants who chose our school to participate on this auspicious day and listened intently while we gave our speeches on Princess Sophia, Mai Bhago and Mata Gujri Ji. Also thanks to those speakers from various faiths who spoke about women they found to be inspirational. Finally, a huge thanks to Mrs Grewal who organised and accompanied us on this trip.

By Jessica 9RA and Jasmine 10BK