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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

Year 11 embark on an exciting trip to watch ‘An Inspector Calls’ at the theatre!

On Friday the 17th of March, the Year 11s attended a trip to the Playhouse Theatre in Central London to see the play "An Inspector Calls" - a play that brings justice to an innocent and desperate young woman.  For their GCSE literature exam, the Year 11s have focused on this play and this was a priceless opportunity to watch the play live as an audience.  

As the curtains lifted, we were greeted with not the set we expected from the play, but a small version of the Birlings’ wealthy home which stood out against the dark and dull streets of London. As the play progressed, the house opened up to symbolise how the upper class couldn’t exclude the lower classes forever.

The protagonist of the play (the inspector) comes to teach the Birling family about how they should care for the lower classes. However, they refuse to change. As the Inspector left, the set of the house collapsed and the lights blew up, giving off sparks. This action represented the fall of the Birling family and the collapse of the class boundaries.

Overall the journey to and from the theatre was quite eventful. We got on a coach, with two forms occupying each of the three coaches. The sheer amount of teenage gossip echoing in the confines of the coach was impressive. Although the journey to the theatre was mediocre, the journey back was quite something. The coach we were occupying unfortunately broke down in between two lanes in Trafalgar Square and we were effectively stranded in Central London. We were told that a replacement coach would arrive in an hour and panic ignited in the coach. However, despite our alarm and a tiring wait, a replacement a coach finally arrived.

Regardless of the journey back, the play also was worth seeing as we were able to witness how the director chose to adapt his version of the play. Furthermore, the play also gave us an understanding of the way an upper class family was like and the class

struggles which dominate the play.


Written by Thiviya Kusalakumar and Anna Raheja 11PM

Photos taken by Amreece Sekhon 11PM