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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

English trip to see Wicked

On Wednesday 8th March, students from Year Seven to Year Nine were selected to go on a trip to see Wicked, at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London.

This trip came to them as a reward for all of their effort and hard work that they put into English.

The day started at eleven o’clock when Mr Venn, Miss O’leary, Mrs Heer and Mr Perryman led their groups of students down to the bus stop. From there they had to take one bus and one train to get to the theatre.

The moderate levels of excitement began to slowly rise as the time of the play drew nearer and nearer. As soon as everyone found a seat and the music had begun, the theatre became silent as people fixated their eyes on the stage. The play included comedy, amazing effects, music as well as many unexpected moments which made the experience magical.

The end of the play brought smiles and frequent compliments as people started to empty out of the hall, feeling elated with the feel-good vibe.

Here is one student’s opinion:

“Watching a movie in the cinema is completely different than watching a story evolve and unfold right in front of your eyes on a stage. I enjoyed every minute of it and I am grateful that I was chosen to watch Wicked. It gave us a whole new perspective on the wicked witches of Oz that we would have never thought about before. This has definitely made me want to visit more theatres and see more plays.”

It is clear that this reward has left a positive impact on the students and that they enjoyed the trip. In addition to this, it has also increased their interest for stage plays and scripts and this is of vital importance as it is required for students to analyse plays for their GCSEs in English.


By Jaskirit Gill 9HN

Photos taken by Kirandeep Singh 9HN