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  • Year 5 Recorder Performance

    Published 02/05/19

    Following weekly recorder lessons delivered by Hillingdon Music Hub, Year 5 pupils showcased their musical talent in front of an audience full of family members! Well done to all classes for a truly spectacular performance. 

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  • Every Kid Healthy Week

    Published 02/05/19

    At the start of the summer term, NPS participated in ‘Every Kid Healthy Week,’ which celebrates health and wellness at schools. This week truly shone a spotlight on the importance of developing the health and wellness of pupils and staff, through promoting nutrition, physical activity and learning. From visits to the Life Bus, to A-Life fitness sessions, to smoothie making to the morning 'wake-up, shake-ups,' the week was full of energy and exercise. We all made pledges to keep healthy and hope to maintain them!

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  • Minet Country Park Year 5 Visits

    Published 25/03/19

    Year 4s visited Minet Country Park in Autumn and now it was Year 5s turn to visit. Year 5s were involved with grass sweeping and pond dipping activities led by a practitioner from the park. This meant that they swept the grass for creatures and dipped a net inside the pond to observe creatures that reside in the pond. As one of Year 5s science topics was on life cycles, this trip created an opportunity for them to learn more about this in an outside environment and practically.

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  • Brexit Day

    Published 22/03/19

    Brexit Day  involved the children Councillors taking part in a referendum to see how the Nanaksar students
    feel about BREXIT. Each Nanaksar Councillor was provided the opporunity to write and conduct a speech, take part in a debate and cast their vote! The day was a huge success with children sharing how much they have learned about the European Union. 

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  • Pen Licence Workshop

    Published 20/03/19

    This term at lunch time pupils have been attending a pen licence workshop. Pupils have a chance to drop in and receive tips and suggestions from Mrs Rathor and school parliament as to how they can obtain a pen licence. They have an opportunity to practice using pen and showcase their best handwriting. We are looking forward to more pupils attending next term.

    “ I had lots of fun because I could experience writing with pen” – Tashpreet 5JR

    “It was really relaxing and I feel like my handwriting is getting better after receiving lots of tips”-  Sahibjeet 5KJ

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  • Explore Learning Writing Competition

    Published 14/03/19

    On Thursday 14th March Explore learning visited our school, it was a huge privilege as we found out about a new writing competition that they are holding called Save the World! Further details will be provided to pupils throughout the upcoming weeks.

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  • British Science Week

    Published 11/03/19

    British science week is celebrated between 8th- 17th March annually. Every year, a poster competition is held and schools are encouraged to take part. This year, the theme was ‘Journeys’. Keen to be involved, NPS got live silkworm eggs and decided to base the theme around ‘The journey of a silkworm’. Pupils received extra homework to research about silkworms. Using their homework, they then created their posters based on four aspects of the ‘Journey of a silkworm’. Five of the best posters were then chosen and submitted to the British Science Association who are going to decide the winners. The prizes are exciting, with the top prize being a visit to the Guinness Book of World Records headquarters!

    As for the silkworms, they have hatched into caterpillars and busy chomping away on mulberry chow. We look forward to them turning into cocoons and then moths and we look forward to the results of the poster competition.


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  • NPS Presents Superhero School - World Book Day

    Published 07/03/19

    Thank you to all NPS Superheroes for saving the day!

    All heroes banded together and accomplished outstanding tasks throughout the day with determination, ambition
    and enthusiasm.

    Please click here to view the NPS Superheroes in action!



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  • WallBall

    Published 25/02/19

    On Monday 25th February, the Year 4 and 5 Sports Ambassadors attended a WallBall Event at Westway Leisure centre. The pupils took part in different activities involving a ball and a wall. They ranged from designing a wall, Beat the Pro (competition with a worldwide champion in WallBall), Capoeria (Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music) and lots more exciting and energetic activities.

    The pupils really enjoyed the day and learnt lots of activities that they will be able to take into the playground to teach other pupils.

    Well done to all pupils that took part:

    ​​​​​​​Gursahib (5JR), Angellina (5JR), Karan (5NV),  Aanya (4SN), Shelby (4SW ) and Sahib (4SW)​​​​​​​

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  • Safer Internet Day

    Published 05/02/19

    On the 5th of February, Safer Internet Day was celebrated globally with the theme: together for a better internet. Children explored the themes of permission and consent within Computing lessons and discovered the SMART rules of staying safe online. Moreover, Year 5 children performed in an assembly highlighting online safety and how they would respond in certain online situations applying the SMART rules.

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  • Cooking and Science

    Published 04/02/19

    For their Design and Technology lesson, Year 4 pupils made some chocolate treats. As the Year 4s were also exploring the ‘States of Matter’ topic in Science, we decided to double up the lesson as a Science lesson!

    Pupils were able to independently investigate the effect of temperature on solids and also on liquids. They surmised that solid chocolate needed to be heated to turn into a liquid and that the warm chocolate treat needed to cool to turn back into a solid.

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  • Basketball Competition

    Published 31/01/19

    On Thursday 31st January four pupils from Year 5 took part in a Borough Year 5/6 Basketball Competition hosted by Uxbridge College. The team played four 3v3 matches against other schools and points were so close each match!

    Well done to all four members of the team.

    Gursimran 5KJ

    Alisha 5KJ

    Sahibjeet 5KJ

    Cameron 5KJ

    Unveet 5NK

    Karandeep 5NK

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