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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

Nanaksar Primary

British Science Week

British science week is celebrated between 8th- 17th March annually. Every year, a poster competition is held and schools are encouraged to take part. This year, the theme was ‘Journeys’. Keen to be involved, NPS got live silkworm eggs and decided to base the theme around ‘The journey of a silkworm’. Pupils received extra homework to research about silkworms. Using their homework, they then created their posters based on four aspects of the ‘Journey of a silkworm’. Five of the best posters were then chosen and submitted to the British Science Association who are going to decide the winners. The prizes are exciting, with the top prize being a visit to the Guinness Book of World Records headquarters!

As for the silkworms, they have hatched into caterpillars and busy chomping away on mulberry chow. We look forward to them turning into cocoons and then moths and we look forward to the results of the poster competition.