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Guru Nanak
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  • NPS Reading Hub

    Published 06/03/19
    School Parliament have launched another new initiative - the NPS Reading Hub! We encourage everyone to come and read our exciting collection of books. There are a variety of different types of books including Harry Potter and authors such a
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  • Pen Licence

    Published 06/02/19

    At NPS we worked with Miss Chatur and Mrs Rathor to launch the new Pen Licence. We wanted to encourage and motivate pupils to have neat handwriting and to be proud of their work. Pupils who meet the Pen Licence criteria are allowed to write in pen during their lessons and get a little note home to tell their parents. In every class there is a display where our licences are kept and where visitors can see who has achieved their goal.

    To keep the licence, pupils have to show they are meeting the criteria consistently.

    Good luck to everyone and do your best!

    By Jasleen Randhawa and Karan Singh (5JR)



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  • Kindness Box

    Published 06/02/19

    We launched the kindness box in the playground which allows pupils at NPS to give positive messages to each other.

    How does it work?

    Pupils post messages to each other in a box. The box is emptied at the end of every term and the messages are handed out as a 'thank you' token to pupils from across the school.  Examples of act of kindness include...

    1. Noticing someone is sad and making them more merry
    2. Helping someone
    3. Playing with someone who is lonely
    4. Picking up litter from the floor without being asked to


    By Jeevan Virdi & Balpreet Singh (5NK)

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  • New Dojo Medal

    Published 04/02/19

    We were so happy that we were able to review our current school rewards system and as a group came up with the idea to have a Dojo medal for each class. The person with the highest number of Dojo points each week receives the medal to take home and share with their families and gets announced as the 'NPS Dojo Champion.'

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