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Guru Nanak Multi Academy Trust


Our aims are to:

  • Build a strong community based on the principles of Sikhism (honesty, hard work and service to others). We expect our pupils to put back into society the advantages they will gain from their high achievement in our school.
  • Encourage pupils of other faiths to remember God in their faith.
  • Provide quality education that is broad balanced and relevant to the needs of pupils within modern society. We will provide a curriculum that promotes thought, knowledge and understanding to enable pupils to respond to a changing society. 
  • Enable all pupils to achieve their potential through the highest standards of teaching and learning. Pupils will always come first in our school and the provision and promotion of excellent teaching and learning experiences will be a priority.
  • Develop each pupil’s self esteem, confidence and independence with consideration and service for others. Every pupil will be nurtured and supported to develop into the best they can possibly be. The development of such self confidence will promote independence of thought and a willingness to share and contribute.
  • Strengthen bonds between home, school and community, providing a preparation for each pupil’s entry into the wider community. We recognise the importance of parents and the home environment in shaping children’s achievement and will always welcome parents into school and encourage participation of the community.
  • Encourage every member of the community to invest in life-long learning and personal development. We will promote continuous building of knowledge and skills through adult education, to promote social inclusion, active citizenship, personal development as well as competitiveness and employ-ability.

A particular characteristic of our existing schools is the ethos of hard work and a relentless focus on standards that is perpetuated by all staff and pupils. Pupils respect how hard the staff work to make their learning interesting, creative and engaging and they in turn respond positively. Consequently, standards and achievement, teaching and learning, behavior management and attendance are excellent. We will replicate the excellent practice of our existing primary school in the new school. This is feasible because our outstanding staff will be readily available to advise and support since Nanaksar is only 100 meters distance from Guru Nanak Schools.

The majority of the pupils in the area that will be served by the school have English as an Additional Language (EAL). Over half of the pupils entering the Primary School, managed by the Academy Trust, enter the school with little or no English. At the end of Key Stage 1 they are achieving above local and national average in reading, writing and mathematics. At the end of Key Stage 2 they are well above national and local average in English, mathematics and science. We deliver this rapid rate of progress because we analyse, assess and regularly monitor every individual pupil’s progress in core areas of the curriculum and strategically direct resources to support their learning. We allocate a bilingual Learning Support Assistant to each class and have focused, specialised daily SEN and Literacy support for each class. We have high expectations as to what pupils should achieve and this is translated into challenging pupil progress targets for the teacher and attached Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). These strategies and provision will be replicated in Nanaksar with a relentless focus on attaining high standards through setting and achieving challenging targets.