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Guru Nanak Multi Academy Trust


Our Values and Vision

Our vision is to provide an outstanding learning environment which challenges all of us to achieve our full potential and to continually share our knowledge and skills with the local and global community.

The values of Nanaksar Multi Academies Trust are encapsulated by the S.H.A.R.E acronym. These values are at the heart of everything we do as a school and they describe the qualities our students and staff value most- Service to others, Humility, Achievement, Respect and Equality.

Our vision is to create an outstanding primary school that will enable our pupils to achieve above local and national average at the end of Key Stage 2.

From this auspicious start we expect our pupils to go on to achieve well in secondary education and ultimately make a significant contribution to society.

Nanaksar Primary will provide:

  • Very high attainment for all pupils
  • Good grounding in values which underpin good citizens
    • hard work
    • respect
    • selfless service to others
  • Out of hours learning for parents and pupils so that parents can better support their children
  • Adult education classes for the community
    • ESOL
    • ICT
    • Return to work skills
  • Weekend use of the Premises and Facilities by the community

We are aware that Nanaksar Primary will have a wide range of pupils from many different backgrounds. We will ensure:

  • An excellent model of outstanding curriculum provision, underpinned by robust assessment
  • Values of humility and selfless service to others as well as hard work will be adopted.
  • The uniqueness
    • Teaching of mother tongue to pupils through After School Clubs
    • Resources to enable pupils to practice their own religion in assemblies
    • Celebrations of all faith festivals