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I look back on it all and realise how much I’ve experienced, how much I’ve seen and how much I’ve learnt. We all have come a long way, witnessed one another grow, and even seen ourselves grow. I am proud to say that I am not the same person I was two years ago. We changed for the better, whether it be through the independence gained or the support from teachers as well as peers. We have not only learnt but also had fun along the way. We made memories worth remembering and the laughs we’ve had are irreplaceable. Sure some moments made me doubt myself, but it was all worth it for the merriment that came alongside it and I would love to go back to experience it all again. But life moves on; new experiences await us. We will progress and continue on our path to success. However, I am glad that I went to GNSA, one of the best choices in my life. It is time to say goodbye, so thank you teachers for all you have done, helping shape our future and moulding us. Without you all, we would be nothing.

Jaiveer Safri

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