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Year 4 pupils gave an assembly on how we can all 'STEP UP' our recycling habits in school and at home in celebration of Recycling week. They shared useful tips and recapped on the importance of recycling and the impact recycling has on our world.

Some of the tips included: REDUCE the amount of waste we use that can't be recycled, RINSE our items before we put them in the recycling bin, SQUASH our items to make space in our recycling bin, SORT our recycling out correctly, INSPIRE others by speaking and sharing ideas with others! Harsimran in Year 6 also shared changes she has made at home, including sorting out her recycling into groups and then taking it to the local recycling centre. Pupils were also tested on which items can be recycled and what items can't be.

In school, ECO Masters were responsible for checking all bins in the class during the week. Book swaps were also held, where pupils had the chance to exchange their books with each other. There were also some permanent changes happening, such as metal cutlery being reintroduced in the canteen for Primary pupils. We have also began to collect our pens and recycle them, rather than throw them away!

Remember, a small ripple of change can make a huge wave of difference.