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This term, the Eco - committee has continued to work on our three key elements to focus on - Litter, Waste and Energy. For our litter aspect, we scheduled litter picks to clean our environment, and they are done by the Eco - committee members themselves. Each week, a few pupils from a year group pick up litter on the school
grounds or in Minet Country Park following a rota. We also have focuses on our other topics, such as shutting off projectors and lights (energy), and recycling and reusing materials in our very homes (waste). Due to remote learning, we weren’t able to get a hands on experience of recycling and reusing in school. So using the available resources, Mr Baxter came up with the idea of ‘Eco Challenges’.

These were put on google classroom, and included all types of environmentally friendly activities. A few of my favourites were the anti - litter campaign and the saving food cooking activity. In my opinion, these were a great way to get all pupils to go green! As a motivation and a way to reward classes, the Eco-committee created a new award - The Eco Award. This award will be rewarded to a class at the end of every half-term to a class that has been the most eco - friendly and has raised awareness on protecting our planet. The actual reward will be an indoor plant or tree, which the class will get to look after, unlike any award we have had in the past.

This term we have decided to give it to Year 2, who have been busy writing fantastic persuasive letters full of ideas that they have then shared in our Eco meetings. They are also keenly taken part in our Letter Legend litter picks. Well done Year 2!

By : Jasneet
Class : 6AKB